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Eric S. Kolar, P.A.

Board Certified AV Rated Business Litigator with 20 Years of Experience in Jacksonville, Florida

Eric Kolar is an AV Rated Attorney, Board Certified in Business Litigation by the Florida Bar as a Business Litigation expert and ready to cost effectively solve your business and legal problems. Eric is licensed in both Florida and Georgia. He is committed to providing the most efficient and cost-effective legal solutions to clients’ problems, using the latest technology. Our office is conveniently located near the downtown Jacksonville courthouse.  We are on Atlantic Boulevard in the St.Nicholas area.  The advantage of our firm is that Mr. Kolar will handle your case and you will not have unknown associates working the file.

Areas of the law where Kolar Law, P.A. can help you include:

Business Litigator in Duval County

We have years of experience negotiating contract disputes, and arbitrating or litigating a great resolution to your case.  Whether you owe money and need to collect, or whether you are trying to resolve a dispute and dispute the amount owed, we will work hard to get the best possible deal.

If you are forming a corporation or thinking about buying or selling an existing business, we can advise and represent you. Our firm can help you create a sound foundation for your new or growing business.

We represent creditors trying to recover money, vehicles or property from debtors in bankruptcy proceedings in Federal Courts and in various contract disputes.  We have experience in Adversary Proceedings objecting to discharge of debt, Bankruptcy Preference litigation, and defense of Turnover Complaints.

Probate Litigation and Estate and Trust Litigation – Contested Trusts And Contesting Estate Distributions

Contesting the estate of a loved one can be a difficult but necessary task. Florida’s laws on the rights of surviving spouses can be very complicated, and can conflict with the Decedent’s wishes.  We can help you if you dispute the proposed distribution of an estate or trust and help find an amicable resolution for all involved. Our knowledge of the law enables us to develop an effective strategy to reach your goals.   We also can probate estates and wills in order to effectively transfer property after death.  Eric was a title agent and understands the complexities of real estate and homestead laws.  We have also been involved with partitioning and selling properties owned by multiple owners.

Contact an experienced business lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida

If your business is going through a dispute or needs quality legal advice, we can help. Our firm can also help you with contesting an estate and recovering money from debtors. Contact our Jacksonville, Florida office by calling (904) 396-0009 (Jacksonville number) or toll free 888-665-1253 or contact us online.

Kolar Law, P.A. serves clients in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout Nassau, Duval, St. Johns and Clay Counties. He is also licensed in Georgia and serves clients throughout South Georgia.